Telescope is out now! Our latest single, and the first glimpse of our upcoming EP dropping this September! Perhaps our loudest (and definitely fastest) song yet, it paints a dystopian picture of our world - a world where the unstoppable pursuit of progress and profit has driven us to the brink of environmental collapse.

With only a couple of months since our last release and after a recent lineup change, we really worked hard to make this happen!

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Conform Deform

Our EP Conform Deform is out now via Schaufel & Besen Records!

While our debut album Are We Taking It Slowly was essentially Johannes's solo project, this EP showcases the first songs we wrote as a collective. So it's safe to say that we are particularly excited for this release!

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Mr. Five

Mr. Five is a song about our past self. A person we once were, and since have tried to leave behind. But that we still carry with us at all times. Go listen to it right now and indulge in this fever dream!

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Niche Documentaries

The first single of our forthcoming EP, Niche Documentaries, is a mournful goodbye to the little joys of life in the face of an overly success-oriented society.

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Jul 21 - Gauting, DE @ Kulturspektakel

Aug 01 - Ulm, DE @ Stürmt die Burg

Oct 10 - Vienna, AT @ Kramladen

Oct 11 - Graz, AT @ Club Wakuum

Oct 12 - Leitersdorf, AT @ Roter Gugl

Oct 24 - Hamburg, DE @ Deichdiele

Oct 25 - Bremen, DE @ Zollkantine

Oct 26 - Berlin, DE @ Kulturhaus Insel

Nov 06 - Stuttgart, DE @ Galao

Nov 07 - Munich, DE @ Lost Weekend

Nov 08 - Weimar, DE @ Kasseturm

Nov 30 - Bamberg, DE @ Live-Club

28.03.24 - Munich Rocks!, Ampere, München, DE



Between dream and reality, between intimacy and alienation, between gray mining towns and a society fat on digital carbs. Digital Carbs are a rock band from Munich, Germany that fuses elements of psychedelic, indie and progressive rock to create their unique sound.

Following their latest release, Conform Deform, the band wasted no time and immediately began producing their follow-up EP. Sound-wise, the group presents itself more dynamic than ever on their new work: from dark and beautiful acoustic ballads to manic-driving guitar storms, the musicians don’t hold back. Their new single Telescope is the latter, an explosive statement about the destruction of our planet. The band paints a dystopian world where profit and machine are valued more than the well-being of the individual - “My machines, they eat love”. Digital Carbs once again prove their versatility and their ability to transform deep emotions into compelling music.

Their new EP will be released on September 13, 2024 via Schaufel und Besen Records. .