Conform Deform

Our new EP Conform Deform is out now via Schaufel & Besen Records!

While our debut album Are We Taking It Slowly was essentially Johannes's solo project, this EP showcases the first songs we wrote as a collective. So it's safe to say that we are particularly excited for this release!

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Mr. Five

Mr. Five is a song about our past self. A person we once were, and since have tried to leave behind. But that we still carry with us at all times. Go listen to it right now and indulge in this fever dream!

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Niche Documentaries

The first single of our forthcoming EP, Niche Documentaries, is a mournful goodbye to the little joys of life in the face of an overly success-oriented society.

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01.08.24 - Stürmt die Burg, Ulm, DE

21.07.24 - Kulturspektakel, Gauting, DE

28.03.24 - Munich Rocks!, Ampere, München, DE



Between dream and reality, between intimacy and alienation, between gray mining towns and a society fat on digital carbs. Fragile and poetic indie moments follow hypnotic, psychedelic rock passages before a thunderstorm of distorted guitars crashes over you. Sometimes dark and depressing, sometimes energetic and colourful. And sometimes both at the same time. A hint of nostalgia without ever feeling dated. The music of Digital Carbs takes you on a journey and you never know where it will take you.

Digital Carbs startet as the music project of Munich based artist Johannes Rest. After years of playing bass and writing songs in multiple bands, he decided to pursue his own musical vision in 2018. Ever since he has been constantly experimenting with different genres and sounds, developing his unique style in the process. In 2021 guitarists Hans Allgäuer and Felix Eggert as well as drummer Konrad Diesch joined the project.

While the debut Are We Taking It Slowly was essentially Johannes' solo album, the new EP "Conform Deform" presents the first songs the group wrote as a collective. Disorienting grooves, dreamy guitars, intimate vocal performances and huge shifts in energy still characterize the band's sound. But both the arrangements and the performances seem more lively. The lyrics are more focused and touch on issues in our society. Not by pointing fingers at others, but by reflecting on our own struggles. Ambivalent "Niche Documentaries" is a mournful goodbye to the little joys of life in the face of an overly success-oriented society. The disorienting "Mr. Five" is a song about our past self and our struggle to leave it behind.

Conform Deform was released on December 14, 2023 via Schaufel und Besen Records.